Volunteer Ministers Rush to Louisiana to Save Citizens and Property from Devastating Floods

August’s deluge dumped more than twice the water on Baton Rouge as Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Scientology Volunteer Ministers rushed to the scene to help, and have been working there ever since.

Bangladesh’s First Bona Fide VM Accomplishes Miracles with Scientology

A knowledge thirsty and determined twenty-six-year-old found Volunteer Minister online courses in 2012, and the rest is history.

Volunteer Minister Receives White House Award

LA County Interfaith Clergy Coalition and its lead VM are formally acknowledged.

Volunteer Ministers Deliver Priceless Aid in Ecuador after disaster strikes

After Ecuador’s devastating earthquake, Volunteer Ministers brought their unique brand of help—alleviating both physical and spiritual pains—to more than 160,000.

127 South African Pastors Complete Volunteer Minister Training Program

Following an extensive training program covering each of the 19 Volunteer Minister courses, 127 pastors on the outskirts of Johannesburg celebrate their newfound knowledge in a moving graduation ceremony.

Joava Good: Hooked on Helping for 40 Years

How one devoted Volunteer Minister—and Deputy Director of Churches of Scientology Disaster Response—first got her start and all she’s done since.

Life is More Fun After First Volunteer Minister Online Course

Information Technology professional Larry Mervin from Utah, USA just completed the Solutions for a Dangerous Environment Course.

Celebrating 40 Years of Indiscriminate Help in the Worst of Times

Volunteer Ministers from 120 nations have responded to more than 200 disasters over the last four decades, showing millions that something can be done about it.

Volunteer Ministers on the Move Help Millions Across the Globe

Traveling more than 5 million miles, Volunteer Ministers have made their way through the largest city centers and some of the world’s most remote villages to deliver knowledge and effective tools from their signature yellow tents.

Karen Creechan Gained New Abilities with Scientology Tools

The businesswoman from Ireland says learning these solutions made her more confident in a high-pressure world.

Tools for Life Seminars Change Lives Across the Globe

Volunteer Ministers train thousands in the empowering solutions of Scientology.

The Responsibility of Helping Others Learn to Help Themselves

How Mike Savas has shown everyone from college kids to rock-and-roll roadies what it means to be a Volunteer Minister—and gotten them doing something about it.

VM “Angels” Show Up in Unlikely Places

True to form, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers bring their unconditional help anywhere and everywhere to people who are looking for tools designed to help them deal with life’s problems.

Thanks to What I Have Learned My Life is Now Stress Free

Sheba Smith, who discovered Scientology in a VM tent in Fiji, says it has given her all the answers she could ever want in life.