Find out:
  • The real underlying cause of all human quarrels and conflicts.
  • Why some conflicts can seem so difficult—if not impossible—to fully resolve.
  • The precise tools you need to find out who has been stirring things up—and why this discovery opens the door to resolving any conflict.

Course Overview

The How to Resolve Conflicts Course

It seems that people often have trouble getting along together. Families argue, neighbors come to blows, countries fire weapons at each other. Is this the way it has to be?

Anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists and others say it is.

Having observed a long history of Man’s quarrelsome behavior, they claim that Man has animal instincts, or that he is antisocial and violent by his very nature.

In truth, Man is rather peaceful. But he can be driven, individually and collectively, to hatred and violence.

In researching the causes of violence, L. Ron Hubbard unearthed a fundamental and natural law of human relations which explains why conflicts between people are so often difficult to remedy. And he provided an immensely valuable tool that enables one to resolve any conflict, be it between neighbors, co-workers or even countries.

In this course and corresponding booklet, you will discover how to help others resolve their differences and restore peaceable relations. Peace and harmony between men can be more than just a dream. Widespread application of this law will make it a reality.

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Course Details

Ease of Study

This course is laid out in a step-by-step manner, with a sequence of reading assignments and practical exercises.

Before you begin, you create your own personal account on the Volunteer Ministers website. Once logged in, the online program will guide you through each step of the course to full completion, with all course materials provided from within the Volunteer Ministers website.

Length of Course

6 to 7 hours. You may, however, do the course at your own pace. In other words, it is not timed. The course is our service to you, free of charge.


Booklet: How to Resolve Conflicts

or The Scientology Handbook

Your course materials are also integrated within the online course. In other words, once logged on, you may read the materials from within the online course program as you do each step.

Course Completion

Upon completion of The How to Resolve Conflicts Course, you will receive a certificate by e-mail.


The services of our online courses are always available to you. If at any time you need assistance with your course assignments, do not hesitate to contact your online course supervisor, whom you can reach using the “Need help?” button in your online course program.

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Success Stories

“My parents have been married for the last thirty-five years. Over that period they had four kids, one boy and three girls. Being the first born, I have seen them in extreme marital difficulties, including unresolved quarrels that made my mother absolutely decide to end the marriage.

“After doing the How to Resolve Conflicts Course, I decided to apply what I had learned to resolve this conflict between them that has been going on for ages. I used the Third Party Law and managed to locate the hidden person causing the conflict. She was an elderly woman who my dad had an affair with before he married my mom. She has since then been creating false reports—that my mom has a long time affair with a young man she knows of.

“I have since then resolved these conflicts, and my parents are now able to agree on issues that they had many differences on before. We are now smiling as we all sit comfortably in the sitting room with both my parents present—a situation that was not possible before. This was the most incredible phenomenon I have ever seen. This technology worked miraculously!” —R.K.N.

“Most people are peaceful and like to avoid conflict. I include myself in that group. But the How to Resolve Conflicts Course illustrates how people can be driven to conflict by third parties who spread false reports or perceptions, essentially creating conflict between others.

“This course has given me extensive skills on how to avoid being manipulated by others, how to discover who those manipulative others are, how to resolve conflicts that already exist, and how to peacefully deal with manipulative parties to ensure they do not bring further disharmony, chaos, or conflict to my life or work.

“Applying these skills to my own place of work, I was able to deal with a particularly disruptive worker who set other workers against each other. This caused a loss of productivity, broken relationships, and untold stress and disharmony in my department. But by applying the skills taught by Mr. Hubbard, I was able to deal with the situation and, if like magic, an air of peace and harmony overcame my department. This applied technology is truly amazing.” —S.R.

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Why Do This Course?


Is someone who was once a close friend no longer speaking to you? Do you have family or friends who constantly fight? Are your co-workers at odds with one another?

Conflicts are so commonplace in the world today, most people take for granted that that's the way life is supposed to be. Yet it is not natural for two neighbors to always quarrel or for a husband and wife to constantly be at each other's throats. And it is not natural for continual conflicts to simmer between nations and then explode into open warfare.

There is a fundamental and natural law of human relations which explains why conflicts between people are so often difficult to remedy—from family arguments to international rivalries. Here, then, is the tool you can use to discover the source of any conflict and resolve it.

On the free online course, How to Resolve Conflicts, find out:

  • What really fueled history's greatest conflicts
  • How conflicts are kept stirred up
  • How to discover a source of conflicts in your own life
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