Lawrent Ndhlovu Finds His Voice and the Purpose to Help

The twenty-nine-year-old South African found answers to his own life’s questions and the joy of helping others.

A Home for Volunteer Ministers in Haiti

Haitian VMs now have their own permanent center from which to expand.

Costa Rican Volunteer Ministers Answer the Call

Just in its first year, the new Costa Rican Volunteer Minister group gains national recognition as the ones who can do something about it.

Volunteer Ministers of Budapest Lend a Hand Whenever and However Needed

Everyone needs help at one time or another, in some aspect of their life, be it in the form of spiritual consultation or emergency first aid, and these Volunteer Ministers provide it all.

Volunteer Minister Brings Tears of Joy

Mary of Bungoma, Kenya, finds the “secret” to restoring her own failed marriage by attending a Volunteer Minister seminar.

Haiti Gains Tools to Rise Above the Rubble

Haitians don’t just experience miracles of VM tech, they learn it to stand on their own.

Rockport Strong: Something CAN Be Done About It

Humanitarian convoy arrives in Aransas County from Salt Lake City with materials to rebuild homes. The “Something CAN Be Done About It” convoy, carrying more than 200 tons of building supplies, arrived in Rockport this morning.

1,500-Mile ‘Something CAN Be Done About It’ Convoy Leaves for Texas With 200 Tons of Donated Building Supplies to Rebuild Homes

A humanitarian convoy has just left Salt Lake City for Rockport, Texas, a city that was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Harvey.

Mexico Earthquake: Los Topos HQ at the Church of Scientology

Providing the logistical support to keep Los Topos and other rescue workers on the job At the Los Topos Mexico City headquarters at the Church of Scientology Mexico, 39-year-old Víctor Ruiz Jiménez, like the rest of his colleagues, is focused on saving lives. And they are doing just that.

Mexico Update: Young Girl is Rescued From Her Collapsed School

Los Topos Azteca search and rescue team have rescued 26 survivors from the Mexico earthquake. “We need more time to finish this work,” they say.

Seattle Interfaith Group Helps Get Kids Ready for School Year

Scientology Volunteer Ministers join in an annual project organized by Interfaith Ministries of Greater Queen Anne to help underserved kids get their school year off to a good start.

Mexico Earthquake: Racing to Save the Life of a Little Girl Trapped in Collapsed School

Los Topos Azteca and Volunteer Minister teams working nonstop for two days to save the lives of those buried beneath collapsed buildings following yesterday’s 7.1 magnitude Mexico earthquake.

Call for Action: Mexico Earthquake

Death toll from magnitude 7.1 earthquake climbs in Mexico. Call to action announced by International Scientology Volunteer Ministers headquarters. A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck central Mexico September 19, collapsing buildings and killing at least 119 people.

Church of Scientology Harlem Awards Community Leaders

The Church of Scientology Community Center of Harlem and its Scientology Volunteer Ministers honored humanitarians for their dedication and service to the community.