Out of the Ruins Brought by Hate Springs New Hope for Sri Lanka

An international team of VMs responded to Sri Lanka in its time of need, helping it to forge an era of trust and friendship that transcends religious, ethnic and cultural divides.

Scientology Volunteer Minister Brings New Hope to Kenyan Inmates

A prison in Siaya, Kenya, is investing in the future of inmates, empowering them with the Volunteer Minister tools and program.

Helping Families Cope with the Devastation of Hurricane Michael

Volunteer Ministers were immediately on the ground, helping families recover after Mexico Beach, Florida, was all but destroyed by Hurricane Michael.

Bright Beacons in the Storm, Children Learn to Help Others

When a string of earthquakes hit Indonesia, Volunteer Ministers brought much needed trauma relief to the young.

VM Tech Plus First Aid Equals More Lives Saved

After saving a life, a New York Scientology VM was inspired to share his training.

Portland “Good in the Hood” Festival

Scientology Volunteer Ministers bring practical help to the community.

The Fiji Islands Welcome Volunteer Ministers Just in Time

Scientology Volunteer Ministers bring new hope and skills to the friendly people of the Fiji Islands after two cyclones slash through the archipelago.

Reaching Out to Thai Families and Children With Tools for a Better Life

The Volunteer Ministers in Thailand work to bring peace back to a nation under military rule.

As the Carr Fire Raged On, Relief Arrived in a Flash of Yellow

The Carr Fire in Northern California scorched everything in its path. VMs were there to help evacuees and firefighters.

Milano Residents Receive a Helping Hand

From everyday life situations to disasters, Milano VMs are there for the community.

Lava and Ash Can’t Stop the Help of the Volunteer Ministers

Scientology Volunteer Ministers were on hand to provide both spiritual and material relief when the Fuego Volcano in Guatemala claimed 110 lives.

After the 2017 Earthquake, Mexico’s Volunteer Ministers Focus on the Future

When the dust had settled from the 2017 Mexico earthquake, VMs trained communities for future disasters and everyday life problems.

Dublin Finds Solutions with the Volunteer Ministers

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers’ tent is a dependable feature of Dublin, providing solutions to locals for all of life’s problems.

A Busy Day of Help Near the Eiffel Tower

French Volunteer Ministers’ yellow tents rise across Paris to bring help to one and all.