20 September 2019

Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Kenya helped the victims of the Eastern Uganda mudslides recover and rebound—all the more stronger for it.

Once again, torrential rains turned the slopes of the foothills of Mount Elgon into a massive river of rock, earth and debris, as mudslides crashed down on Uganda’s Bududa district, killing eight and destroying the homes of at least a thousand.

Within hours, a team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Kenya, in their bright yellow T‑shirts, mobilized to bring help to the devastated communities. Lead Kenya Volunteer Minister Daniel Okello, only recently home from providing relief to the victims of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, led a team of 16 VMs in the Bududa disaster response.

Coordinating with local authorities, the Volunteer Ministers worked on the search and rescue, dug graves, helped with the cleanup and whatever was needed. Volunteer Ministers also provided emotional and spiritual care through the use of Scientology assists—techniques developed by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard to speed recovery from stress and trauma.

But with disasters like this a fact of life in the district, caring for the immediate needs was not enough. The Volunteer Ministers wanted to ensure that the next time these communities are in need, local Volunteer Ministers are available to help.

Kenyan Volunteer Minister Daniel Okello addresses 2,000 students of Bududa Secondary School not long after deadly mudslides.

Therefore, they provided seminars to train entire villages on the use of assists, and with the courses and materials available online through the Volunteer Ministers website, they trained 41 local volunteers to carry on their work after they returned home.

In appreciation for all their help and to see that it continues, Bududa created the Volunteer Ministers Resource Centre to serve as headquarters for delivery. In attendance at the grand opening were local officials, including the Bududa District Police Commander and local town council members.

The speaker of the Bududa Town Council Assembly, addressing the gathered crowd before cutting the ribbon on the new Centre, said, “I was listening to Daniel very carefully, and I was very happy with all he was explaining about Scientology! I felt like jumping up from my chair to give Daniel a big hug for bringing the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Resource Centre to Kuushu, Bududa!”

The District Police Commander also addressed the crowd. “People of Bududa, make use of the Resource Centre to improve yourself! There are lots of interesting topics in the Scientology Volunteer Ministers’ booklets that will transform you into a good citizen!”

With the disaster over, local VMs trained to carry on and a Resource Centre opened, Daniel and his team returned home to Suna, Kenya, ready and willing for the next call for help, wherever it takes them.