Church of Scientology Ready to Help Miami When Irma Strikes

The Church of Scientology Miami, designated as a Disaster Relief Resource Center, is available for help. Located at 2220 South Dixie Highway, the Church of Scientology Miami will stay open with a few dozen experienced Scientology Volunteer Ministers when Hurricane Irma makes landfall.

Raising Funds to Put Rockport, Texas, Back Together After Hurricane Harvey

Radio and TV personality Kerri Kasem, in Texas with the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, raises funds for Rockport, a community that was all but destroyed by Hurricane Harvey, and to save the life of a Rockport child.

Scientology Miami Media Advisory: How to Prepare for Hurricane Irma

Church of Scientology Miami in Coconut Grove will serve as a Disaster Relief Resource Center for Hurricane Irma. To ride out the storm with the least possible damage to their families and possessions, Miamians are urged to prepare for the hurricane now.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Help at Lakewood Church Shelter

With more than a million displaced by Hurricane Harvey, Scientology Volunteer Ministers are providing relief and solace in shelters. A team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers has been helping those taking refuge in Houston’s Lakewood Church.

Volunteer Ministers Welcomed to Togo by King of Bassar

Religious and civil leaders officiated the opening of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers African Goodwill Tour in the Central Togo town of Bassar.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Florida Respond to Texas Floods

Volunteer Ministers Center in Clearwater sends off 50 volunteers and 500 packages of urgently needed supplies to help Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Rockport Begins the Long Road to Recovery from Hurricane Harvey

Scientology Volunteer Ministers disaster response team in Rockport, Texas, reports on the devastation and the help still needed.

Churches of Scientology Respond to Hurricane Harvey

Scientology Volunteer Ministers international headquarters calls for hundreds of volunteers to join Hurricane Harvey disaster response. First teams are assembled and deployed.

She Had To Do Something To Help

Seeing the images of those left stranded by Hurricane Harvey, a Dallas resident set out to find what she could do. Michelle, a Scientologist and Volunteer Minister from Dallas, had enough. Following #Harvey on Twitter, she wasn’t going to let another day go by without doing something about it.

On the Ground in Houston—One Volunteer Minister’s First Day

Los Angeles Volunteer Minister’s first day providing relief for victims of Hurricane Harvey On Saturday, August 26, Jim, a Scientologist from Los Angeles, saw a Volunteer Ministers’ tent near his Church on L. Ron Hubbard Way.

Volunteer Ministers Rush to the Aid of Earthquake Victims in Central Italy

In keeping with tradition, Volunteer Ministers bolted to the front lines to lend a hand to those suffering in Italy.

Volunteer Ministers Rush to Louisiana to Save Citizens and Property from Devastating Floods

August’s deluge dumped more than twice the water on Baton Rouge as Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Scientology Volunteer Ministers rushed to the scene to help, and have been working there ever since.

Bangladesh’s First Bona Fide VM Accomplishes Miracles with Scientology

A knowledge thirsty and determined twenty-six-year-old found Volunteer Minister online courses in 2012, and the rest is history.

Volunteer Minister Receives White House Award

LA County Interfaith Clergy Coalition and its lead VM are formally acknowledged.