Scientology Volunteer Ministers help Philippines recover from crushing typhoon season

| Marilla, Philippines 9 November 2009 |

Scientology Volunteer Ministers from the Church of Scientology Mission of Manila responded with help throughout this year’s devastating typhoon season. Four deadly typhoons in a two-month period, the last hitting only last week, have caused damage to the sum of nearly 40 billion Philippine pesos (almost $900 million US dollars), killed 961 and left tens of thousands stranded or living in shelters.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers bring spiritual first aid to Filipinos devastated by this year’s typhoons that left tens of thousands homeless.
As soon as the first typhoon hit in late September, the staff and parishioners of the Mission of Manila donned their yellow shirts and moved out into the streets and shelters to bring spiritual first aid in the form of Scientology assists to those in need. Scientology assists are techniques developed by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard that address the emotional and spiritual factors in stress, trauma, illness and injury.

Philippines President Gloria Arroyo declared a “state of calamity.”  The need for effective, fast disaster relief was immediate and immense. To answer these needs the Scientology Volunteer Ministers not only helped on a one-on-one basis, they also trained other volunteers and those stranded in shelters in simple techniques covered in The Scientology Handbook that enable people to overcome seemingly insurmountable barriers and get on with their lives.

“Scientology assists are very easy to learn,” said Ms. Maria Rehyer, Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Response Director.  “In half an hour a person can learn enough to help family and friends recover from trauma, shock or injury.” Ms. Rehyer encourages anyone wishing to join the ranks of the 203 thousand Scientology Volunteer Ministers to visit, where they can enroll on free online courses to learn these techniques.