Why Do This Course?

Anxious about world conditions?

Do you find yourself becoming disturbed by what is happening around you? Do you feel helpless and unable to control these events? Do you even sometimes feel afraid?

A prime example is how channels inundate society with a flood of news on the latest war, mayhem and crime, no matter how distant.

By understanding why certain individuals pump as much threat and danger into the world as they can, you'll understand how to overcome your fears.

You will learn simple techniques you can use, both for yourself and your friends, to reduce the apparent threat of the world around you. Knowing this information, you can become happier and calmer, more active and improve your health, well-being and sanity.

Find out:

  • Why some people are unable to achieve their dreams
  • Who the "merchants of chaos" are and how they negatively affect your life
  • Methods to handle feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Why something that brings calm to the environment is resisted
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