Why Do This Course?

Frustrated by failures?

When things go wrong, are you left wondering why? Would you like to get to the bottom of why things aren’t going right? Is your success or failure just “dumb luck”?

Pick up a newspaper and you will find different explanations by corporate executives and political leaders as to why a company’s stock fell or political initiatives misfired. But if they really knew the causes, they’d be able to instantly make things better.

Investigations can be applied by anyone to look into and discover the real causes of success or failure. It’s a system based on logic, the subject of reasoning, and when applied can remedy and improve any situation.

On the free online course, Investigations, find out:

  • How to analyze a situation
  • The role that familiarity plays in envisioning an ideal scene
  • How to find a correct “Why” that will open the door to an effective handling
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