Why Do This Course?

Do you feel helpless to save someone from drugs? Is drug addiction tearing your family apart? Are drugs destroying someone you love? Do you feel hopeless about helping someone with a drug problem?

No sector of life is untouched by the epidemic of drug abuse. Crime and violence are the most obvious byproducts, but the lives ruined or lost to drugs are the most tragic.

There are answers. You can learn why drugs are so damaging to the mind as well as the body. You’ll also gain practical tools you can use to help someone recover from drug abuse.

On the free online course, Answers to Drugs, find out:

  • How drugs affect the mind and cause a person to have blank periods
  • How drugs can make a person “wooden”—unfeeling, insensitive, unable and untrustworthy
  • Procedures to help someone recover from drug abuse
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