Scientology Volunteer Minister Returns to Haiti to Train Local First Responders

23 August 2011

Volunteer Minister Ayal Lindeman just returned to Spring Valley, New York, after training 100 community-based first responders in Haiti in the fundamentals of first aid, search and rescue techniques, simple solutions to contaminated drinking water, and basic Scientology assists — technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard that speed recovery by addressing the emotional and  spiritual factors in illness and  injury.

Lindeman, an LPN and 20-year veteran EMT who was a pivotal part of the initial Scientology Haiti Disaster Response, has continued his personal involvement in the recovery of the country by working closely with Haitian-American groups in the United States and by return visits to Haiti to coordinate activities and provide training.

An active partner in the Rockland County Haiti Relief Coalition, Lindeman agreed to conduct the August 2011 training sessions the Coalition organized in Haiti.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers provided relief after tornadoes decimated Birmingham and Tuscaloosa Alabama. Scientology Volunteer Ministers provided relief after tornadoes decimated Birmingham and Tuscaloosa Alabama.

Drawing from his experience in the days immediately following the 2010 earthquake, Lindeman’s training focused on methods of providing maximum aid with minimal resources under the most trying conditions.

The patient-care skills he covered included bleeding control, splinting, cervical spine protection and spinal immobilization, and doing this with the kinds of materials a first responder can simply find or create if a similar catastrophe to the January 2010 earthquake should ever occur again.

“One of the most important things to provide is clean drinking water,” says Lindeman, “This is an urgent situation in Haiti.”

To provide solutions to this problem, a key aspect of his training program was educating attendees on simple water purification technology disseminated by the World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He also covered a very simple re-hydration formula, vital in Haiti today where a cholera epidemic that began in October 2010 is still claiming lives.

The Scientology assists Lindeman trained the first responders to deliver were the Locational Assist and the Nerve Assist. These and other Scientology assists are covered fully in the free online training section.