Sheba Smith (above) completed all 19 VM online courses and says the Volunteer Minister courses have answered her burning questions about life.

Sheba Smith, who discovered Scientology in a VM tent in Fiji, says it has given her all the answers she could ever want in life.

SaaShepa Geraldine Smith (“Sheba” for short) is a mother of three very active children and a caregiver who loves to hike, run, read, swim and help in her “beloved Fiji.”

Returning home from women’s soccer training one day with a number of friends, Smith saw a “striking yellow tent with people from all walks of life,” she says. She insisted her friends join her to find out what was inside.

“I was taken on a tour in the tent and to my surprise I stayed until they packed up for the day,” she says. “Discovering the tent meant answers to the obstacles I had been facing. I fell in love with all 19 courses immediately.”

Smith refers, of course, to the Volunteer Minister free online training courses. These provide the route to mastering subjects as vital and diverse as organization, communication, marriage, ethics, suppression, the source of conflicts and the resolution, study skills and others.

Fast-forward several months, and Smith had completed all 19 of the Volunteer Minister courses. She says they transformed her.

Take, for example, the Children Course. “Before doing the course, I would go through a crisis trying to meet their demands in school, doing homework, attend to my cooking and clashing with them. After doing the course, I found myself to be the childrens’ best friend,” she says. “I learnt that raising my children was a tremendous, miraculous joy for me and this has helped my home be full of happiness.”

“All I did was apply data and observe for myself whether or not it works. So far I have gained enormous, awesome and life-changing personal satisfaction. Every day to me is enjoyable and full of exciting journeys.”

Smith also tells of her friend, Leanne, who, after a major spinal operation, had given up living and refused physiotherapy, certain she would never recover. By applying the tools in the Assists for Illnesses and Injuries Course, Smith helped Leanne regain her will to live as well as her strength. Within a week, Leanne was discharged from the hospital, and surprised all of her colleagues when she returned to work happy and well.

“The one thing I like most about Scientology is that I am very seldom left with lingering questions about things I run into daily in life. Questions like: How can I fulfill my goal in my profession? How do I solve a family dispute internally? How do I deal with children who are on heavy drugs, abused children, broken marriages, students who are having difficulties studying—and the list goes on. I am stress free and can say that Scientology has all my answers, come what may,” she says. Of all 19, the Communication Course is the one that stands out most to Smith. She says it taught her the true purpose and power of communication and how to use it effectively. She says that after completing the course, everyone from friends to doctors and radio show hosts she meets now compliment her on her ability to communicate.

“All I did was apply data and observe for myself whether or not it works,” she says. “So far I have gained enormous, awesome and life-changing personal satisfaction. I get along 101 percent better in interpersonal relationships. I’m very successful in what I love and enjoy doing, and I can now effectively help friends and loved ones along the way. Every day to me is enjoyable and full of exciting journeys. I owe my life to these wonderful people who opened up my eyes when that yellow tent was placed in the center of Suva City, Fiji.”


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