Helping the People of Nepal Recover, and Showing Them How to Help Themselves

Volunteer Ministers shift the focus from immediate disaster response and saving lives to creating a future with life-skills training. The VMs are dedicating their efforts to empower the Nepalese people with invaluable tools by which to improve their lives.

Uniting to Help in the Wake of a Dallas Disaster

Volunteer Ministers and others join forces, responding to the worst disaster to hit Greater Dallas in half a century.

Seminar Helps Refugees with Communication Skills

Professionals, forced to leave the Middle East, improve skills in their new country.

Angels in yellow shirts bring help and hope to Nepal

A devastating natural disaster struck Nepal April 25, 2015—a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, followed in the ensuing days and weeks by 304 aftershocks, including one of 7.3 and another 6.7. The initial temblor and its unstable aftermath took the lives of more than 9,000 people, injured more than 23,000 and left some 2 million without adequate food and shelter.

Fiji Islands pastor uplifts village with VM Technology

The name “Fiji” typically instills visions of a vacation paradise, picturesque South Pacific islands renowned for a thriving luxury tourism industry. But the sad truth is that a third of Fiji’s population in rural villages lives in abject poverty and illiteracy.