The Responsibility of Helping Others Learn to Help Themselves

How Mike Savas has shown everyone from college kids to rock-and-roll roadies what it means to be a Volunteer Minister—and gotten them doing something about it.

VM “Angels” Show Up in Unlikely Places

True to form, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers bring their unconditional help anywhere and everywhere to people who are looking for tools designed to help them deal with life’s problems.

Thanks to What I Have Learned My Life is Now Stress Free

Sheba Smith, who discovered Scientology in a VM tent in Fiji, says it has given her all the answers she could ever want in life.

Milano Civil Protection Groups Receive VM Training

Members of the Italian Army, among others, learn the magic of assists from VMs.

How One Doctor in Burundi Uses VM Tools to Bring Help to His Impoverished Nation

Dr. Jacques Mpawenimana has transformed his non-profit organization into a Volunteer Minister crusade aimed at uplifting the people of his native land.