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Success Stories: Basics of Organizing

“I have acquired a greater knowledge on the subject of organizing, which was very limited in the past. Now I am confident on this subject and whenever going for any activity, I organize myself with the twenty-one departments from the booklet, and start accomplishing the work properly.

“I am applying this in my personal life, family life and also in my organization where I am working and getting positive results. I have changed the organization board of my company, and everybody appreciated the initiative.

“As we specified the functions and jobs to be completed by all departmental posts and their co-workers, the monitoring of work has become more specific and effective.

“I hope to develop myself in practicing this knowledge in every aspect of my life, and also to teach others. Thanks for your kind cooperation and support.” — E.M.

“It is a very powerful opportunity to learn how can I improve my quality of life, by putting these methods of the Basics of Organizing into practice.

“It was a wonderful course—it taught me how to organize myself better to be able to produce, and I realized how lost I was with regards to being organized in all aspects of my life.

“Discovering all this was a whole experience and with this knowledge I can help others to know about this course and so help themselves to grow and improve their lives as people and as leaders. But first, one has to organize oneself to be an example for the rest.

“My world has changed 180 degrees with this course—it is an organizing process in all aspects of my life. Thank you for this course, as I start to live life from a new point of view.” — H.P.