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Success Stories: Fundamentals of Public Relations

“I feel blessed by the coaching I have received using this book on public relations. I can communicate like a pro on technical issues.

“The revelation (as I will call it) on the law of omitted data has been a reality to me. I used to have problems getting along with my friends. They seemed not to know much, especially with the way I carry myself. In short, they never had much reality about me.

“Then an opportunity sprang up and I was appointed as the class representative in college recently. You can imagine being at the center stage of solving students’ issues against the administration.

“Then there is the tool of affinity, reality and communication. This is a ground-breaking communication tool. I gave it a try in helping my fellow students to press for what they wanted from the administration. Being the only link between the students and the administration, I brought them into understanding by using affinity, reality and communication.

“I feel important, and my slight absence is felt. This to me is success.” – L.K.

“This course really has shown me a positive way of getting along with people and getting ideas through.

“The steps to do this are working, and I love the way the positive always lies at the bottom for getting ideas through. And then nobody feels driven over—everybody feels heard and that the ideas are for the best.

“Also, how to deal with rumors and bad gossip is great so that you know how to handle this. I feel more 'in shape' to deal with rumors after this course, and I really needed this, finding my strength instead of withdrawing.” – M.D.