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Success Stories: The Technology of Study

“Before doing the The Technology of Study Course, I had difficulty learning new things. While on the course, I learned what was stopping me from being able to learn. These barriers to study: Absence of Mass, Too Steep a Gradient, and The Misunderstood Word are so easy to overlook.

“But if they are easy to overlook, they are just as powerful in solving the mystery of why I couldn't understand some of my previous studies. It wasn't until after I learned of these barriers and their remedies that I began to get any understanding of what I was learning. But even more so, when I started to use these methods for real, my inability to learn anything new was totally blown away.

“I don't think there is anything I can't learn now. This stuff should be taught in schools everywhere. It could very well solve all our education problems!” – D.T.

“The topic of the barriers to study has helped me so much. It has sharpened my mind and given me more desire to study. And it has helped me to clear all the barriers which hinder me from continuing with my studies.

“The misunderstood word: This topic has challenged me a lot. Now I know how to deal with the difficult words, how to clear them and continue with my studies. Through this, I will help many people who are in the situation of feeling they need to drop a subject or lesson.

“Basic word clearing: This has been a big success for me because when I read this, I was very encouraged. Many people who are struggling in study are under this category of yawning or sleeping while reading. Through this section of the course, I was able to overcome that situation and I will help many people in their future.

“Overall, this has been a great course which is important to many people, especially students or those who are learning.” – C.S.