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Success Stories: Ethics and the Conditions

“The science of ethics and justice has long been at the core of humanity. We are only as human as our justice system, and as we treat each other. In the Scientology Volunteer Ministers course Ethics and Conditions, L. Ron Hubbard has rolled out a comprehensive set of tools to live our lives by.

“By teaching people how to recognize exact conditions of existence, and how to apply formulas and steps to these conditions, they can find themselves much improved, and the quality of life improvement just does not stop.

“Due to following these steps, I have found myself so busy in life—with many aspects that I have improved—that my biggest issue now is making sure I'm balanced across all areas of my life.

“Never before have I led a life which left me as such a happy person. I also had a moment of 'realization' about why people without ethics tend to live on a much lower level of existence. This win itself shows me why a lot of my older friends have found themselves stuck in a repeating cycle situation.

“The skills in this course should be learned by everyone, and their life would be a much different affair.” – C.H.

“I have had huge wins from taking this Volunteer Ministers course. By following the guidelines I have turned my financial statistics back into a positive direction. Before I finished the course I was in credit card debt up to my neck, and within only a month after finishing the course I have eliminated over 90% of it!

“I just had to get out of a static trend, and I made sure to follow the formula for an affluence condition correctly when money came in.” – S.M.

“Before this course, I was quite unaware of my conditions and the conditions of others too, at work. I experienced lots of trouble in my past career due to lack of this knowledge. Sometimes we do wrong things at the right time and do right things at the wrong time.

“This course furnished me a right path along which to work—what to do at this time and what not to do at this time. It gave me the technique to see problems and then remedy them through scientific methodology. This course made me realize mine and others' mistakes at work. If I did not attend this course, I can safely say that I would never have understood the secrets of this portion of life.

“At the end I must add, it really works if it is applied correctly. Now I have much more understanding of my working environment and I can also help others.

“Thanks to my course supervisor for her help and worthwhile instructions, and to L. Ron Hubbard.” – A.M.