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Success Stories: Investigations

“I have learned how to use a more practical approach to finding answers to common problems and issues that I otherwise would have had a hard time figuring out.

“The Investigations Course has given me a different perspective with regards to how to look at and analyze a problem. It has shown me how to keep a more focused view of the issue at hand and find more practical solutions to the problem.

“It will definitively help me in my continuous growth as a Scientologist and assist me in my everyday business and personal life. It will give me a different perspective on solving problems in life. Thanks again.” –H.S.

“On this course, I learned how to question an area with things that aren't correct, in order to pull the string and continue asking questions in the illogical areas until the data is exposed and the situation can be handled and corrected. I learned all of the specific outpoints that can exist in a situation and practiced finding them until I was comfortable with them. I also did this for the positive points, in order to be able to find them and strengthen them.

“I also learned the importance of having an ideal scene to compare the current situation with. I learned the investigatory actions needed to find data and to be able to correct things by doing a correct investigation in the correct sequence and find the right WHY behind it so that the situation can be handled.” –C.F.

“Everything has a reason behind it. And Scientology has given me the ability to learn what those reasons are and to control them. The skill of investigation—the ability to think logically and get to the bottom of things—allows me to look into, handle, and improve any situation in any area of my life. I have been able to identify outpoints in my work environment, and to handle them so that my business becomes more like an ideal business. Hardly a day goes by in which I do not apply Mr. Hubbard’s technology to make my life better in some way.” –S.R.