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Success Stories: The Dynamics of Existence

“Really it was a fantastic experience learning about the dynamics [the various urges or drives through which one survives in life]. I now know such a fabulous thing that can help everybody to understand more about their feelings and how to change everything in their lives. It is a great tool for everybody, including teachers, counselors, parents, salespeople and everyone who has to deal with others.

“One person that I helped is now in love and totally free to live her relationship, after having suffered for more than ten years with a problem that, after having been viewed in the lens of the dynamics, vanished.

“With the tools and insights received during this course, I could help people with problems (a large range of them) that had been present in their lives for more than ten years or so, and everything has worked out with ease.

“I recommend everyone attend this course.” — J.M.

“The course helped me to look outside of myself and consider other areas that were often overlooked by myself, and which are often overlooked by others as well. The practical assignments helped me to view things on a much larger scale, particularly in determining optimum solutions.

“It was rewarding to help someone determine an ideal solution to a situation that she was facing by using the dynamics [the various urges or drives through which one survives in life] as a 'reference point.' This was a great win for both of us.

“I have begun to be involved in, and am much more attuned, to all of the dynamics as opposed to just a few since completing this course, and that really is a significant victory. Thank you for your guidance, encouragement, and assistance with this course.” — R.L.