Volunteer Ministers Launch European Goodwill Tour in Balkans

Zagreb, Croatia
20 September 2010

Traditional Croation dancers ready to perform for the launch of the Volunteer Minister Cavalcade. Traditional Croation dancers ready to perform for the launch of the Volunteer Minister Cavalcade.

For the first time ever, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers (VMs) have taken their practical techniques and compassion into Croatia. The annual VM European Goodwill Tour—which visits cities throughout the continent—kicked off with traditional dancers in King Tomislav Square at the center of Zagreb, Croatia’s capital.

Immediately after the grand opening of the VM’s yellow pavilion, 300 locals streamed into the tent to find out what was meant by Something Can Be Done About It, the motto above the entrance. The crowds poured over the displays and were educated by volunteers well into the night.

Along with all who toured, the volunteers encountered a particularly enthusiastic student named Valter who had taken the online Volunteer Minister course, The Cause of Suppression. He couldn’t wait to share with others what he had learned and began volunteering immediately alongside the VMs.

“What I got out of the online course I took was more certainty and much more confidence in myself,” said Valter. “I have also been able to help my mother regain her strength and certainty. There is nothing comparable to being able to help someone this way, to use these simple, efficient techniques to help good people who have been pushed down and suppressed by those around them once again become strong. This is amazing to me.”

Most Croatians have never heard of Dianetics or Scientology. Now, however, with VM booklets available for the first time in Croatian, the people here will be able to learn the technologies of study, organization, communication and personal relationships.

The Goodwill Tour will continue to roll out across Europe, visiting another 8 countries this year, bringing the message to many in their native tongues that no matter what the problem is, as the VM motto says, “Something Can Be Done About It.”