Assist Technology Accepted and Praised by Pakistani Officials

Karachi, Pakistan
17 November 2010

Dianetics Assist Team member giving a demonstration of assists. Dianetics Assist Team member giving a demonstration of assists.

“No Matter the Problem… Something Can Be Done About It.” 

Living by this motto, the International Dianetics Disaster Assist Team is bringing a workable technology to Pakistan helping thousands to recover from the emotional and physical trauma of the floods. Not only have they delivered one-on-one assistance to over 120,000 people, they are passing the technology on to others who want to help their loved ones.

Visiting universities and organizations throughout Pakistan, the Dianetics Assist Team members deliver seminars to demonstrate assist technology, giving people of all walks of life—including children—the ability to save lives.

In the words of a local university lecturer, “As you know, we recently had a very healthy seminar in our university, with the cooperation of your esteemed organization. In this regard, on behalf of my department and university, I hereby acknowledge and appreciate the high spirited and organized efforts of the International Disaster Assist Team.

“It was a very fruitful and interactive activity and our students really learned and were inspired by the spirits of your team and efforts. I look forward to more future workshops and events in collaboration with your team.”

Also from a University of Karachi professor, “This International Dianetics Disaster Assist Team and their assist technology are very unique. I have never seen such a group and such a technology. This is something we really need in Pakistan. I have seen the good results of assist technology and seen the happy faces of people after assists! Thank you very much for your effective presentation of assist technology in our department.”

The Dianetics Assist Team likewise received this response from the Appraising Office in Pakistan Customs: “The results of assist technology are really amazing; I wasn’t able to believe before that this simple technology can give so much improvement. Many people who were in pain for many days are said to be totally fine after a few minutes! Please expand this technology to all of Pakistan. You are really helping your fellow beings.”

There are now over 1,300 Pakistanis, including 200 nurses, trained in the assist technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard. To ensure this technology helps as many victims as possible, the International Dianetics Disaster Assist Team is continuing to train more people, bringing hope and a positive spirit to this flood-ravaged nation.