Scientology Volunteer Ministers Seminars in Cambodia

| Cambodia 21 March 2011 |

Lucas Van Berkel and Phanit Ngi discuss before their audience the “KRC Triangle” and the relationship between Knowledge, Responsibility and Control.
Gary Bromwell and Phanit Ngi kick off a seminar with an explanation of the Australian greeting “G’day mate!”
Phanit Ngi and Gary Bromwell, with VM booklet in hand, discuss The Cause of Suppression with their audience.
Gary Bromwell guides his audience through the VM booklet The Cause of Suppression.

When Phanit Ngi, Christian minister and leader of a Free Bible Study Group in Sisophon, Cambodia, came upon a website full of real solutions for the troubles that plague his community, he did not hesitate. He ordered a free information kit, called a meeting, and presented the materials he had received. The decision of his group members was unanimous: all wished to become trained in Volunteer Minister technology.

Mr. Ngi promptly requested a seminar and VMs Gary Bromwell and Lucas Van Berkel from Perth, Australia, answered the call. Their seminars represented the very first contact Cambodians had ever had with Scientology Volunteer Minister technology.

Over the course of the first week in October, one seminar became seven as approximately fifty of Mr. Ngi’s group members and associates sought training on an array of Volunteer Minister technologies, from The Cause of Suppression and The Answers to Drugs, to The Barriers to Study and Assist Processes for the ill and injured. The outcome was inspiring.

One student wrote a speech on behalf of all attendees communicating his profound appreciation for the VM technology and his hope that the VMs would return soon to his country.

Responding himself to the seminar, Mr. Ngi said, “Now I know why the Bible says we live in darkness. We need to bring the light. Knowledge is the light. We need this technology very much, especially to help my people, the people of Cambodia. Yes, I think this is my goal that I dreamed for, long ago—to have and get involved with this kind of activity. It will help us so much.”

These responses are typical of the deep expressions of gratitude that Volunteer Ministers receive throughout the world every day in their mission to bring instant, practical, effective tools to people of all faiths. Seven new Volunteer Minister groups were formed in Cambodia as a result of the week-long training, one in each district represented at the seminars.

In an effort to express and channel his enthusiasm, Mr. Ngi’s friend and associate, Pastor Chin, requested from Mr. Bromwell long-term collaboration between his Christian community and the VMs in order to bring Volunteer Minister technology to every country he frequents in his work, including Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

Through the entirety of the experience, Pastor Chin and Phanit Ngi were plainly elated to discover the VM motto that something can be done about it and set out to plant that guarantee in the hearts and minds of every Cambodian.

Thus began an exciting interfaith alliance for social betterment in Southeast Asia.