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Success Stories: Assists for Illnesses and Injuries

“I have continued to search until I found Scientology and its assists. I can say now that I have found what I was looking for. Since I have applied the assists, I have had the capacity to help and to influence the body and its well-being.

“It is a wonderful thing to see people get well and change their lives. Now I have more friends and I have started to teach about assists in the organizations I belong to.

"Now my life has a practical motivation, and I know that I will be helping people for a long time, because I have found a powerful way to contribute not just to my community but my whole country.” — F.N.

“Thanks to this class I am now able to sleep again. Before there were many times when my four-year-old son had pain in his legs. Usually he used to have that kind of pain when I was tired myself and did not have any strength left to handle him.

“But when I learned about the assists and started applying them, I could handle him and put him back to sleep in often less than five minutes. This has helped us a lot. He was able to sleep seemingly painlessly, and I have been so relieved to have found a way to help him and my entire family (because they suffered, too). It is so easy, when you know what to do. I wish everybody would know about this and try it.” — M.H.