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Success Stories: Solutions for a Dangerous Environment

“I was amazed at the calming effect the information in this course had on me. I used to worry about the news and what I read in the paper. Learning what was in this course and applying the ways to lessen the threat, I have successfully brought calm to myself and my family. I use the information from the “Confront” section every day at work and people are absolutely amazed at my ability to handle my work load.

“This stuff is invaluable. I would recommend this information be widely distributed. It has made my life better as often as I have used it and I know it would do the same for others!” – D.T.

“It's amazing to me how much 'stuff' there is out there that tells people how they should feel. The news on television and print is full of 'scary,' sensationalizing stories that make people feel fear and sadness.

“I took the advice written in the booklet and haven't read a newspaper or watched the news on television for a week, and it's remarkable! Since I began this 'experiment,' I have been more joyful and actually have slept better and have not gotten depressed. Before I began, I would read two or three newspapers a day, and my TV channel basically stayed on network news all day. You could say I was a news junkie—I was depressed, lacked motivation and slept poorly.

“Now instead of reading the paper, I read something from Scientology or Dianetics, or something that edifies my spirit. As far as TV goes, I hardly turn it on during the day, and in the evening, I watch my favorite shows, without all the hype from any news outlet!

“I never realized how much all that bad news affected me, and now I feel energized and full of life!

“Thanks Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard, the world needs your wisdom. I will learn more, so I can help people—you can count on me.” – M.G.