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Success Stories: Tools for the Workplace

“This course was very beneficial to me, and has positively enhanced my efficiency and productivity at the office. Application of the different tools has especially improved my communication with my colleagues. It has also created a sense of affinity with the tools in our work environment, as well as how to apply good control and handle exhaustion (not just for me but my friends, too).

“I am glad that my colleagues and I are now sources of wins and successes for our office because of what I have learned!” – MM

“The Tools For The Workplace course was a great experience. It was certainly a powerful read. It helped me realize that I could very easily overcome confusion, and better familiarize myself with and utilize any kind of machine or object I may be working with by using the Reach and Withdraw procedure, and help others do the same. Also, it taught me about workplace exhaustion and how to overcome it. The course explained very practical and simple solutions to everyday problems that can be used by everyone. I strongly value simplicity, and I feel that the course offered simplicity, but in a powerful and effective way.

“My favorite part of the course was the 'Take A Walk' section. Simply walking and looking at your surroundings is a huge help if you are stressed, feeling exhausted, etc. Also, the idea of walking and looking at all of the different people you may encounter on your walk was great too. It's a great way to feel relieved if you've been working with difficult people during the day.

“I feel like I can become familiar with and better utilize anything I work with now, simply by coming in physical contact with it and becoming more in touch with it, whether it be a tool, a person, or my environment.” – E.D.

“I learned quite a lot from this course, beginning with the principle of the Stable Datum. I've used this many times since learning about it, and it helps me stay in control of situations at work and at home. I actually found a new job while I was studying this course, so it fit in perfectly.

“I used the Reach and Withdraw procedure on myself at work when I first started the job, and it helped me really get in touch with my surroundings at the new workplace. And whenever the weather permits I take a walk on my break times.

“I find new ways to re-create my job everyday, and keep it enjoyable and rewarding. And it's all thanks to the tools I have learned and used from studying this course.” – R.C.