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Success Stories: The Cause of Suppression

“On this course, I got very important data about how to make decisions about who I work with, who should be my friends and most importantly how to handle those who are trying to suppress others.

“I realized how such a disastrous situation in someone’s life could be bettered so much with this knowledge. After I did a handling from the booklet on my sister, I witnessed her life changing overnight. It is amazing! My gratitude to my course supervisor and to L. Ron Hubbard.” — M.P.

“When I first started this course, I knew absolutely nothing about suppression, its causes, or its sources. I was quite surprised that it all made perfect sense to me almost immediately!

“I studied The Cause of Suppression booklet carefully. When I was finished, I was able to identify the causes of suppression in my life with ease. I noticed the benefits within days, even hours! I no longer felt weighed down or held back. I felt better physically and mentally, and felt that I had learned something that would be of great use to me for the rest of my life.

“But it didn't stop there. This course not only helped me to help myself, but also helped me to help others. In order to complete the practical assignments, I had to study other people in my environment, to identify different types of personalities and acts of suppression.

“However, rather than let it continue, I could now help them to put a stop to it or move away from it, or move on. This was particularly true in the case of a friend of mine who was being suppressed for years. She always felt unwell or uneasy. She often suffered bouts of depression and suffered from colds and the flu regularly. Upon learning that she was being suppressed, she began to understand and felt better almost immediately. And she got even better as time went by! She could hardly believe it, it was incredible!

“The knowledge I have gained from this course is unlike any other. I have used it to the benefit of both myself and others, in so many ways. My life has improved at least tenfold! I feel great. I feel like I can achieve anything, because nobody can hold me back or try to tell me otherwise! And I can help my friends and family to feel the same!” — M.S.