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Success Stories: Answers to Drugs

“I have had several members of my family who became addicted to drugs. I myself have been addicted to caffeine and sugar at times during my life. Drugs harmed my ability to work, concentrate, and to learn.

“The Answers to Drugs online course has helped me to understand why my friends and family members sometimes act the way they do, and it has helped me to learn about how drugs have affected my behavior.

“By studying the Answer to Drugs, I have learned how to avoid drugs, as well as the painful consequences that drugs bring. I have found that I am happier, more productive, more able to concentrate, and that I enjoy life more. That is a great feeling!” — S.R.

“Studying and applying the Answers to Drugs course online, I had two great opportunities.

“The first one: learn and discover how to manage problems and help people about drugs.

“The second: the chance to speak with people concerning this problem.

“You know, it is not hard to believe that a lot of people are not informed about drugs and their related side-effects. I spoke with a few friends. They said that they never tried something like LSD or heroine. But they know, and I know too, that this year the cocaine market is rising. The major target is young people between 13-17 years! They can find substances near school or discos, in the park or down a street close to a bar.

“I spoke with everyone about all types of drugs. Not only the illegal types, but also the legal ones: artificial substances and painkillers. And I spoke to them about how important it is to clean the body and to keep it cleaned.

“Thanks to L. Ron Hubbard and the Volunteer Ministers, we can use real effective tools against drugs and to help people.” — N.C.

“In Answers To Drugs, solutions for one of society's biggest problems are given. Due to the nature of today's society, more and more people are coming under the effects of drugs, and all walks of life are being affected. In Answers to Drugs, the fundamental reason for drug addiction, or drug dependence, can be found.

“It also describes, quite plainly, the effects that drugs have upon the user, and shows how drugs impair the function of a human being.

“Fortunately, it also offers solutions to these societal problems posed by drugs. With the use of Objective Processing, and nutritional supplements as described in the course, drug users can be helped quite freely. Once they are helped through the initial period of withdrawals, they can then be educated on further processing to help with the underlying reasons for taking drugs.

“I had several friends who, with the help of this course, I was able to educate about the effects of drugs upon their bodies and minds. I pointed out to them how it actually helped them less, contrary to their beliefs. I was also able to use Objective Processing to help them relieve their withdrawals, and help take away that urge for alcohol. With the tools given to me in this course, I was able to talk to my friends, and give them tools to help others as well to deal with twenty-first century society's biggest problem: drugs.” — C.H.