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Success Stories

“I took the course Integrity and Honesty and benefited greatly! The course material was easy to read and very thorough. I learned a lot about myself by applying the data in the course. I then assisted a co-worker by having her apply the same data, and she really made some great breakthroughs. I've never seen her so happy. This technology is easy and linear, so there's no problem plugging into it.

“The problem with so many people is that they often justify things, overtly hurt teams so in need of collaboration, withhold information from one another to cover up their lives and where they are failing. This course, however, saves jobs, teams and guilt.  With this tech, you too can become guilt free and stronger.  I am very grateful for this technology and am amazed what a difference it makes!” –M.K.

“As I was reading the Integrity and Honesty booklet, there were several things that immediately became clear to me as to why I had ended so many friendships, severed family relationships and why I left my husband. Looking back on these events, I always wondered why I did and said things I knew would cause the other person to distance themselves from me or not want to have anything to do with me at all. There were instances that were so bad, I thought I was going insane because it made no sense at all.

“When I read about the materials of this course, I received the answers I was looking for. I felt so relieved that I started crying. I did a lot of crying as I read through this booklet, because I realized I had treated my friends, family and husband so unfairly.

“It is good to confess, which I have done many, many times. Yet without the understanding of why you did what you did, it is just talk. There is no relief, healing or recovery. I have been to support groups and left feeling guiltier and more burdened than when I went in. Can you imagine what could be accomplished if support groups, psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors read this booklet with their clients or members and did the practicals together? I believe the crime rate would go down drastically all over the world!

“When I did the practicals for the Integrity and Honesty course, I could have used myself as an example on all of them. When it came time to do the last practical, I did it on myself so that I would know how to easily explain it to someone else. I did not realize what a profound effect it would have on me. Each harmful act and withheld act I wrote brought up the guilt and shame of what I had done and said. When I put the understanding of why into each one, I disarmed it and made it powerless over my life. And each time I cried. I believe they were tears of joy that I did not have to carry the hurt and confusion around with me anymore. When I look in the mirror now, my face looks brighter and happier. Now the true me is showing.

“When I had my daughter and a client do the same, it was as if someone had broken open a levee of words and tears. My daughter not only wrote her harmful and withheld acts on paper, but she verbally told me a lot of things that she had been keeping to herself because she did not want to hurt my feelings or have me fuss at her. My daughter doesn't just tell me about things, she talks to me now.

“My client and I started doing the same at my home in the morning. She did not leave until that night because we had to take breaks to eat and let her cry and compose herself to write again. When she left, her face looked years younger, the dark circles under her eyes had almost disappeared, and she smiled for the first time since I had met her.” –M.W.