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The Answers to Drugs Course Glossary

The Answers to Drugs Course Glossary

give (someone) an acknowledgment. See also acknowledgment in this glossary.


something said or done to inform another that his statement or action has been noted, understood and received.


same as processing. See processing in this glossary.


someone who is trained and qualified to apply Scientology processing to individuals for their benefit. The term comes from the Latin audire, “to listen.” See also processing in this glossary.


a new realization about life. It is a “What do you know, I…” statement; something a person suddenly understands or feels.

Drug Rundown:

a series of processes that address the mental image pictures connected with having taken drugs. The result of the Drug Rundown is freedom from the harmful effects of drugs, alcohol and medicine, and freedom from the need to take them.


the feeling that one owns or possesses; it can also be described as the concept of being able to reach or not being prevented from reaching.


a condition or circumstance arising during a process which indicates (points out or shows) whether the process is going well or badly. For example, the person receiving the processing looking brighter or looking more cheerful would be good indicators. See also process in this glossary.

mental image pictures:

three-dimensional color pictures with sound and smell and all other perceptions, plus the conclusions or speculations of the individual. They are mental copies of one’s perceptions sometime in the past, although in cases of unconsciousness or lessened consciousness they exist below the individual’s awareness.

Objective Process:

a type of process which helps a person direct his attention off himself and onto his environment and the people and things in it. Objective refers to outward things, not the thoughts or feelings of the individual. Objective Processes deal with the real and observable. They call for the person to spot or find something exterior to himself. See also process in this glossary.

present time:

the time which is now and becomes the past as rapidly as it is observed. It is a term loosely applied to the environment existing in now.


an exact series of directions or sequence of actions taken to accomplish a desired result.

Purification Rundown:

a program of exercise, sauna sweat-out, nutrition and properly ordered personal schedule. It cleans out and purifies one’s system of all the accumulated impurities such as drugs, insecticides and pesticides, food preservatives, etc., which by their presence and restimulative effects could prevent or delay freeing the being spiritually through Scientology processing.


that which appears to be. Reality is fundamentally agreement; the degree of agreement reached by people. What we agree to be real is real.


the reactivation of a memory of a past unpleasant experience due to similar circumstances in the present approximating circumstances of the past.


a series of steps designed to handle a specific aspect of a person’s life or difficulties and which has a known end result.


an applied religious philosophy developed by L. Ron Hubbard. It is the study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, universes and other life. The word Scientology comes from the Latin scio, which means “know” and the Greek word logos, meaning “the word or outward form by which the inward thought is expressed and made known.” Thus, Scientology means knowing about knowing.


a word used in Scientology to designate any body sensation, illness, pain or discomfort. Soma means “body” in Greek.


the person himself—not his body or his name, the physical universe, his mind or anything else—it is that which is aware of being aware; the identity which is the individual. The term thetan was coined to eliminate any possible confusion with older, invalid concepts. It comes from the Greek letter theta which the Greeks used to represent thought or perhaps spirit, to which an n is added to make a noun in the modern style used to create words in engineering.


abbreviation for Training Routine. See Training Routines in this glossary.

Training Routines:

training drills that enable a person to improve his level of communication skill. By doing these drills any person’s ability to communicate with others can be vastly improved.