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Success Stories: The Emotional Tone Scale

“Since I got acquainted with the booklet The Emotional Tone Scale, I began to get on better with people. From studying and the application of this technology, I have received huge advantages and in the course of executing the practical exercises took pleasure in communicating with many people.

“Using the Tone Scale and the knowledge of how to put it into practice, I have reconsidered many events of life and have changed my relations with people. Neighbors and sellers in shops have ceased to irritate me. In doing the exercises, it was pleasant to see smiles and contented faces of people.

“With this knowledge and these skills to increase the emotional tone of others—all is possible! Life becomes much more interesting, more cheerful.” — N.M.

“The Emotional Tone Scale has been a tool that has allowed me to evaluate the general mood of others and how they will react to certain comments. This alone provides an awesome amount of information on how a person will react.

“Just tonight I was using this tech and evaluating my friends. They were complaining and bringing up bad points about a friend, and I slowly watched as this lowered them on the negative tone scale. However, the tools given to me in The Emotional Tone Scale course allowed me to immediately recognize this, and swiftly react by engaging them with a higher tone, to successfully bring them back up the emotional tone scale.

“Normally I would have put this down to the subject becoming somber, but now I realize the effects of comments and the fact that the comments were projecting an idea—which wasn't a nice or positive idea—helping to lower these people on the emotional tone scale.

“Never before have I found a tool that works so consistently in being able to raise someone's mood. Tonight, when a co-worker was very snappy as his wife was giving him grief, I was able to raise him on the tone scale, and I noticed he in turn was pleasant towards his wife, helping to raise her on the tone scale.

“This tool is one of the skills that I have acquired, that I really don't know how I survived without.” — C.H.