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Success Stories: Targets and Goals

“As an ambitious and creative person I often have ideas about ways in which I could improve my life or the lives of the people around me, my family and friends. However, often these ideas come and go without ever seeing fruition. Every day I face new challenges in life and until now I have found it easy to procrastinate or to drop plans because I let barriers get in my way.

Targets and Goals has taught me the importance of having a battle plan and an overall strategy so that when problems occur one can either deal with the problem and still continue towards one's overall objective, or adapt and re-evaluate so that the problem becomes small in relation to your end goal.

“The technology in fact gave me an entirely different outlook on planning and made me realize I had a very idealistic and unreal outlook on how to achieve success. I thought that one day it would just work out and that that would be it. Now, while understanding that it will take hard work and determination to achieve success I feel confident that this technology has given me a support system to which I can constantly refer.

“As with the course in Study Technology, I already have the proof of how amazing this technology is. The goal I set myself as one of my practicals is something I have been thinking about doing for months, yet had made no effort to get going and do something about it. Now, not only do I have a strategy to complete this project, but very detailed targets to use in order to realize my idea. I now look to the future waiting for challenges to arise with the knowledge that these will not be negative things but opportunities to use good strategy and planning in order to achieve success!” –G.C.

“I completed the Targets and Goals Course through the Scientology Volunteer Ministers website. After reading the book online and completing the practicals, I applied the tools to my business.

“Within several weeks of using the tools, I've increased the number of prospect appointments from approximately 1-2 per week to 6-8 per week, and I have two new clients I am working with. The course is helpful in that the practicals teach you how to apply the tools. It is more than just theory. Applying the tools makes you extremely focused on the goals. All of the activities that do not support the goal are eliminated, and only high-level activities that lead you to the goals are employed.

“I really enjoyed this course and I carry around my Targets and Goals book so that I can be sure to implement the tools on a daily basis. I am confident that my business will succeed. I am seeing signs of it right now.” –M.H.