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Success Stories: Communication

“We are all involved in some sort of communication in our day-to-day lives, but the real meaning of communication is what I learned in the online course from the Volunteer Ministers. By definition, I only knew that communication means getting across ideas and information to another person and for communication to take place, it should originate from an individual and be transmitted to another who receives it and acknowledges it.

“After completing this course, I learned the real purpose and importance of communication. I learned not only how to communicate effectively, but also how to get myself recognized by using an effective means of communication. I have also learned the cycles of one-way and two-way communication.

“This course definitely helped me to improve my work efficiency. I am a secretary in the healthcare sector and communication is one of my main duties. It was really of great benefit and was truly a great experience completing this course. I thank you, Volunteer Ministers, for providing this great opportunity.” — K.K.

“This booklet was most interesting in the sense that a person thinks 'I communicate in one way or another every day, what's more to learn?' Communication is crucial, and this booklet taught me exactly how to communicate effectively. What's more effective then saying what you mean, and actually being understood by other people?

“It taught me how to look for signs in other people that say they don't understand, and how to communicate properly so they will understand. It's so interesting that the book shows you different kinds of communication and teaches you how to improve on them as well as gives you the knowledge about them. So many people think that if they're talking, they're communicating, but there's so much more to it!” — A.F.